1. Is the Big Day App free to download?
    Yes, it is free to download.
  2. Where can I download the Big Day app?
    You may download it via Google Play for Android devices and via App Store for iOS devices.
  3. What are the information needed when registering in the Big Day app?
    We require the following details during registration: Mobile Number, Email, Full Name, Date of Birth and Password.
  4. How would I know that my account registration was successful?
    You will receive an email notification regarding the success of your registration. Alternatively, you may try logging in using the credentials you have made during the registration.
  5. In the event I forgot my password, how can I retrieve my Big Day account?
    A “Forgot Password” function is available via the Login Page. You can easily retrieve your account by (1) filling out the following: Mobile Number, Security Question, Security Answer, and One-Time PIN; or (2) entering the registered email address, and the temporary password will be sent to that email address.
  6. Can I change my registered phone and transfer my Big Day account to another device?
    In the event you’ve lost your phone or just change it, you may still keep your Big Day account. You just have to perform the “Lost My Phone” function, and you’ll be able to easily transfer your account to your new device.
  7. Do you have any age limit in downloading the app?
    We allow anyone to download and use the Big Day app.
  8. How many times can I create an event using the Big Day App?
    You can create your event from our app according to your own event planning.
  9. I have created an event, but some of my intended invitees are not yet members of Big Day. Do I have a way of sending them invitation to my event?
    Yes, you may still send them the invitation via SMS, Email, or other messaging apps installed on your device like Whatsapp, Viber, Messenger, and Line. Your non-member invitees will be receiving a short description of the event and a link of the Big Day app for them to download and install for them to view the full details about the event.
  10. The e-Card I wanted to use for my Event Invitation is not free, how do I purchase it?
    You need to provide a valid bank account under your name, and use it in purchasing the chosen premium e-Card.
  11. Can I use other people’s bank account in purchasing any of the premium e-Cards?
    No, we only allow Big Day members to use their own bank account.
  12. Does the One-Time-PIN I requested have expiration?
    The One-Time-PIN’s validity is only 5 minutes. Beyond that, the requested OTP will become unusable.
  13. I didn’t receive the One-Time-PIN I requested, can I make another request?
    You may do so 5 minutes after your previous OTP request.
  14. Additional Assistance
    If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to email us at support@bigday.net.my